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NOTA BENE LLC implements diverse projects related to the promotion of classic performing art. They specialize in creating and promoting large-scale projects, such as festivals, competitions, series of theme-based concerts, etc.

According to Anastasia Mazankina, main organizer and mastermind of the projects, the initiators nearly broke their heads over the proper name, exhausted every possible option, but were unable to opt for anything. Then the zero hour finally arrived when it was impossible to move on without a proper name. And Anastasia voiced what she liked best of all names that get stuck in her head. The sound of "Nota" is quite harmonious, and most people know that "Bene" means "well". And together these words mean "take notice!"

The main objective of all the projects is bringing to notice the new generation of musicians and promoting classical music among the young people.


The Non-Profit Association Foundation for the Support of Music, Theatre and Arts Education "Tsentr Sovremennogo Iskusstva"

The Non-Profit Association Foundation for the Support of Music, Theatre and Arts Education "Tsentr Sovremennogo Iskusstva" was founded by People's artists of Russia Konstantin Ilyich Pluzhnikov and Andrey Yuryevich Tolubeev (1945-2008); the Foundation was registered in St. Petersburg on October 24, 2005.

The governing body of Tsentr Sovremennogo Iskusstva Foundation places special emphasis on welfare work:

- The foundation also participates in sponsoring of veterans of cinema and theatre. Every month they provide financial support to 50 retired actors - members of the Union of Theatre Workers;

- The "Tsentr Sovremennogo Iskusstva" pays monthly support grants to low-income gifted students of the State Theatre Arts Academy, the St. Petersburg State Conservatory, the N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg Music College, and students of the high music training school of the St. Petersburg State Conservatory;

- In September, 2008, the Foundation established special grants n. a. People's artist of Russia A. Y. Tolubeev;

- The Foundation gives financial assistance for the purchase of musical instruments and access to vocational training to gifted children who experience economic hardship and children from socially vulnerable families;

- The Foundation sponsors children living in low-income families to enable them to participate in contests, master classes and tours;

- The Foundation is engaged in activity aimed at identifying talented children, and in other programs relating to the provision of support to talented young people;

The “Tsentr Sovremennogo Iskusstva" regularly engages artists which are scholarship holders or students of the Center to participate in concerts of classic music.

The “Tsentr Sovremennogo Iskusstva»" also contributes to the outreach activities. They publish a series of books dedicated to outstanding people of art, the Great Voice Instructors Series, the Vocalist’s Educational Music Series, CD and DVD disks with rare records of great musicians.

The "Tsentr Sovremennogo Iskusstva" has all necessary resources to develop multiple activities, including resources for the organization of festivals, exhibitions and concerts.

In March, 2007, thanks to the support of St. Petersburg Government, the "Tsentr Sovremennogo Iskusstva" moved into a building located at Stolyarny Lane in the heart of the city. At the present day this building hosts study sessions for young people, including classical and pop vocal technique, choreography, tango, modern dance; there are also foreign languages courses, handiwork and folk crafts group, as well as an art studio work. In December, 2014, a chamber concert hall was opened in the building of "Tsentr Sovremennogo Iskusstva".


More information at www.art-centre.spb.ru

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