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for the First International Music Miniature Competition "Nota Bene!"
(hereinafter referred to as ‘the Competition’)

1. General Terms

Founders of the Competition:

Creative association "NOTA BENE" LLC

Fund for Music, Theatre and Artistic Development “Modern Art Center”


The competition is a not- for-profit project and supported by:

Horn and Brass Music Centre, public organization ‘Krasiviy Pavlovsk’ (Beautiful Pavlovsk), B.Tishchenko Music and Education College, Non-Commercial Institution “Centre for Social Programs Development “Children’s Relief”, Association “Russian Tradition” of the St. Petersburg Composers’ Union.

The format of the competition: the remote Internet audition with the final concerts of the 1st Prize and Grand Prix winners at the best halls of St. Petersburg.

Competition Dates: September 10 – December 4, 2016.
Application Forms will be accepted between September 10 and October 25, 2016 (inclusively). The results will be announced on November 10 (the list of participants will be posted on the official website of the competition).
1st Prize winners’ concerts will be held from November 28 to December 4, 2016 (the exact dates and halls will be published after announcement of the results of the Competition).
Award ceremony and Gala concert of the 1st Prize- and Grand Prix winners will be held on December 4, 2016.

All participants (or their representatives) are responsible for their own expenses (travel, accommodations, food, etc.)


2. Goals and objectives of the Competition

The purpose of the competition is to draw attention to the talented performers of different age categories, to form an open cultural educational environment for development of available public musical and aesthetic environment for communication and sharing experience, both with young musicians, as well as with teachers and accomplished musicians. The competition aims to create conditions for creative communication and realization of creative potential of performers without age limits.
The primary goal of the competition is to globally expand the passion for classical music.

3. Organizing Committee of the Competition

In order to organize auditions, coordinate interaction between all the structures responsible for proper and timely preparation and conducting of the Competition, the Organizing Committee of the Competition (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee) is established and given the following powers and assigned the following responsibilities:
To develop and approve the procedure of the participants selection and procedure rules of the Competition.
To ensure administrative and technical support of the Competition.
To approve the form of the Competition prize documents (diploma of prize winners), their degree and total number.


4. Participation Rules

The Competition is open to and welcomes students of children’s music schools, children's art schools, music high schools, colleges, private forms of education, physically disabled children and adults, children and leavers from children’s homes in Russia, neighboring and foreign countries, whose performance program meets the aims and requirements of the competition program.

Judges may not evaluate their students, if they participate in the Competition.

Selective auditions are held remotely and consist of 2 rounds:
1st round: to select the prize and diploma winners.
2nd round: to select Grand Prix winner in each category among the 1st prize winners.

To participate in the Competition, the Application Form must be completed on the official website of the Competition from September 10 to October 25, 2016. The following documents must be submitted with your Application Form:

Personal information about participant (participants), his (their) program and performer’s CV in Russian or English.


Video recording

Proof of age for all participants. Scanned copy of birth certificate or page of passport with the date of birth – for soloists. Full list of ensemble members with scanned copy of birth certificate or page of passport with the date of birth of the youngest and the eldest participant – for ensembles.

Scanned copy of bank approval that application fee was remitted or a copy of the document confirming free participation.

By submitting performer’s CV, photo and video recording, the participant (participant’s representative) agrees that all the materials will be used by the Competition organizers and jury members in the full extent necessary.
Videos of the 1st Prize- and Grand Prix winners will be posted on social networks to determine the People's Choice Award.


5. Categories





Strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass);

Woodwinds (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, etc.);

Brass (trumpet, trombone, French horn);

Percussion instruments;

Folk instruments (balalaika, domra, gusli, bayan, accordion, guitar, Pandora, Dulcimer or other);


Piano ensemble;

Vocal ensemble;

Instrument ensembles with piano;

Wind instruments, strings and folk instruments ensembles;

Mixed ensembles;

Chamber choirs;

Chamber orchestras.

The competition is held in the format of competition in competition.

At the SOLO category 1st Prize, 2nd Prize, 3rd Prize winners and diploma winners are chosen among participants playing one instrument. One Grand Prix winner is chosen among the 1st Prize winners.

At the ENSEMBLE category 1st Prize, 2nd Prize, 3rd Prize winners and diploma winners are chosen among each type of ensemble. One Grand Prix winner is chosen among the 1st Prize winners.


6. Age categories and time limits

Children – up to 10 years old inclusively, performance duration is from 2 to 10 minutes;
Teenagers – 11 - 15 years old inclusively, performance duration is from 5 to 15 minutes;

Adults – 16 years old and upwards, performance duration is from 10 to 20 minutes;

Mixed age - performance duration is from 10 to 20 minutes;

The age of participant is determined as at September 10, 2016.


7. Requirements for program

No less than 2 contrasting short works. All works must be performed from memory.


8. Video recording requirements

Video must be recorded by one video-camera only. During video recording hands and face of the performer should be simultaneously seen on video. Performance of music pieces should be recorded without interruptions. Editing is strongly forbidden. Video must be recorded in one room.

Video recorded during the examinations, tests and public concerts are acceptable.
Use natural acoustics of the hall, classroom or room during video recording.


9. Application fee

Soloist application fee is 1,500 Russian rubles.

Ensemble application fee is as follows:

2-3 ensemble musicians – 2,000 Russian rubles.

4-6 ensemble musicians – 3,000 Russian rubles.

7-10 ensemble musicians – 4,000 Russian rubles.

Chamber choirs and orchestras – 5,000 Russian rubles.

Physically disabled children and children from children’s homes are exempt from the application fee.

Application fee must be paid prior to completing the Application Form.

Banking details will be posted on the website of the Competition.

10. Jury

The panel of judges consists of well-known musicians in the sector of international performing arts. Judges work on a charitable basis.
As for the Competition Organizing Committee, it is responsible for posting the information about judges, their photos and short biographies and links to their personal sites on the official website of the Competition as well as to mention their names in press.

Each judge evaluates the participant’s performance of the program remotely and independently. Score on the 10-point scale is then advised to the Organizing Committee.

As a result of calculating total average score:
- several prizes of the same value may be awarded in each category;
- not all prizes may be awarded;
- Grand Prix may not be awarded in each category;

11. Awarding

The Competition winners may be awarded the title of the Grand Prix winner, 1st prize-, 2nd prize -, 3rd prize-winner, a diploma winner.

Besides, each participant who didn’t pass the selective round will receive a certificate for participation in the competition.

Diplomas of the 2nd and 3rd Prize winners, diplomas of the diploma winners and participation certificates will be submitted to the participants by email.

The title of the Grand Prix winner may be awarded to only one participant/ensemble in each category.

Prizes and gifts from public institutions and partners of the Contest may be awarded.

If the winners of the Competition (Grand Prix and 1st Prize winners) are unable to attend and perform at the winners’ concert, their diplomas will be sent by email.