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The I International Contest for Young Сlassical Soloists "Nota Bene!"

The contest is aimed at providing gifted children from across Russia and abroad with opportunities to perform in notable venues of the Russia's cultural capital. Holding remote auditions (videotaped performances on the official site of the Creative Union) will allow more talented kids from the province to show their worth, because their parents not always can afford to spend on children’s travels to contests with face-to-face auditions.

Participants will be divided into the following age categories: 9-12 and 13-16 years. Nominations: piano, vocal, string, wood wind, brass wind, percussion, and folk instruments.

The contest is held in "competition of competitions" format. First, winners among specific instruments will be announced, then instruments will be unified into nominations and winners of the Grand Prix in each nomination will be announced.

An unprecedented number of judges will contribute to the contest! All of them are young people, however, they already are well-known and of some authority in music circles!

Moreover, jury members will conduct masterclasses as part of the Contest.

The International Piano Miniature Festival

In November, 2016, the Creative Union will hold the International Piano Miniature Festival in St. Petersburg. The event will include the International Contest n. a. Nicolay Medtner.

The International Vocal Art Festival

In January, 2017, the International Vocal Art Festival will be held in St. Petersburg. The Festival will include three contests: Vocal chamber music competition, Opera vocal competition and a contest for concertmasters working with vocalists.